Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's Up

So what's up with the Lowry's recently?? Well i'll tell you.

We recently received some bad news. Maikal received his last rejection letter from Dental School. Which means we will be living in Lethbridge until next Fall. It is of course very upsetting. No one likes getting rejected! But I'm also not going to dwell and do nothing until we do get in. I plan on working very hard this next year just focusing on my marriage and trying to build a happier and more loving home while he's around more.

4 weeks from tomorrow we will be leaving this Island! It's so crazy to think about. Do I really want to leave??? I'm having mixed feelings. You seriously can't beat the weather here... plus there's the ocean! OHHHHHH THE OCEAN!! I'm gunna miss you..... It's been Ben's own playground and I'm afraid I won't be able to match the awesomeness of this place, but Im sure he'll forget over time. But, it is definitely time to leave. I miss home with every bone in my body. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss our home, I miss all the wonderful canadian foods, I miss sooooo many things that I didn't even think I would the COLD! Believe it or not...I actually miss playing in the snow, it's just been too long! We've slowy been selling all our stuff, and it's going good so far. I'm having my first open house this weekend so we'll see how we do.

As of recently, Ben has learned how to climb out of his crib and now all our schedules are messed up. For the first 10 days or so, he would just play in his room for hours before he would collapse on the floor for his nap. Plus he now gets out of Bed 2 HOURS earlier than before. He now wakes up between 6:30-7am, which is killing me. This morning he thought it would be a good idea to wake up at was NOT a good idea. But now we've managed to figure out the naps. He stays in Bed and sleeps his regular 2 hours from about 1-3pm. Now we just need to work on the mornings...which I don't even know how to start! But I guess this will be another learning curb in sleep training. Wish us luck! Especially for the 4 HOUR time difference we will be experiencing soon!!! BARF!
But here are some funny pictures Ive taken of him since this all started. It gives me a good laugh.

Ok so now onto Baby Aurora.
I am 24 weeks and feeling very large and in charge! Seriously....i need to stop eating or I'll probably explode all the candy and sandwiches Ive been eating. I can't even bare to look at the scale now. I've still tried to keep up with doing Zumba, but it's getting harder every time to do the moves. But it sure does feel good to exercise. 
I don't remember this much movement with Ben, she is a WILD ONE! And it's probably just me, but she seems humungous! Like super big. She can punch both my sides at once so it makes it seem like she's so long and will end up being a 10 pound baby! Please stay small please stay small please stay small...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bangs

My whole life I've always thought that I could never ever do bangs just because I have curly hair and I would look ridiculous with short curly bangs. And although none of these pictures are curly hair, I think I can imagine what it would look like. I really like a lot of these styles, but that could just be my plain eyes just looking for a change! And I do straighten my hair way more often when I am back on the mainland so these photo's wont be unrealistic. I found this sweet website that allowed me to change up my hair styles to what I somewhat wanted and these are the ones I've chosen to base what I want on.

I was just wanting some opinions on these style for me! What do you think? Fairly short? Somewhat short? Keep them long? Obviously these look a little off, but use your imagination for the actual finished product on me!

Hmmmmm...choices choice....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ben's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Ben's 2nd birthday!!! I can't believe we made it haha.
All day I was just remembering all about his birth. It seriously blows my mind that 2 years has past since then. He has grown into such a cute little man and he is learning so much.

Here's just some things about him:

*He has dirty blonde hair that is getting way too long. We'll be cutting it probably this week. That will be a whole new blog post in of itself.
*I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is. But he looks pretty average to me.
*He can say a lot of words. He can basically repeat anything you can say, so watch yourself! He can't put together sentences though. The most words he can put together is probably 3.
*We are slowly potty training him. He does really well and tells us when he's peeing or pooping, but we just don't make it in time for the potty.
*He LOVES his sweets and junk food. He's a pretty picky eater.
*His favourite toys to play with are cars, trucks, and dinosaurs.
*He loves other kids and does pretty well with them
*He sleeps anywhere from 12-14 hours a night (uninterrupted) and takes 2 hour naps.
*His favourite activity is probably swimming in the ocean
*He can fold his arms for prayers
*He is very ticklish
*He doesn't like wearing clothes and absolutely hates wearing shoes. This will definitely be a problem when we move back. He is going to freeze!
*He is doing better at being quiet during the first hour of church. He absolutely loves nursery. He doesn't even look back to say goodbye when we drop him off haha.
*He does not like to sit still. We can't watch a movie, go to dinner, or sit with friends without him going crazy and running all over the place.
*When he knows he's done something wrong he will say sorry, cry, then go in for a hug. It's pretty cute.
*He loves to watch cartoons. We actually had to cut him off because he was getting too obsessed

Im sure theres more stuff about him but this list is getting too long

So for his birthday we just invited some of his friends over and I made some yummy snacks!
The kids were so happy and screaming with laughter. Ben loves his friends and he had the best time!
When it was time to blow out his candles, he was actually afraid of the fire and Maikal had to blow them out.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

20 Weeks

Well I'm halfway done with this pregnancy!
I'm not going to felt like it took forever to get here.
But I remember this happening with Ben too.
And once I hit the 20 week mark last time, things really started to speed up!
I'm sure the same thing is going to happen this time.
And maybe...just MAYBE....I'll be pregnant only for another 16 weeks like with Ben ;)

At 20 weeks:

Baby Aurora is really starting to get active. I felt her first movements at 19 weeks. It is so nice feeling the movement of a baby again. I would describe it as one of the coolest feelings in the world!

I've gained about 9 pounds. Not sure if that's good or bad so far. All I know is that I don't want to gain that extra 20 pounds again....brutal. So I'm still doing Zumba and Weight classes. Feels good!

I am definitely bigger than last time. My belly is much more round and out! It's probably due to the extra 10 pounds I had on there from Ben haha.

All of the nausea, cravings, tiredness, throwing up, etc....all ended when I hit 13 weeks.

I desperately need to go shopping for maternity clothes. Nothing is fitting!

Ben still doesn't really know what's going on. I try to explain that there is a baby in my tummy, but he just looks down then just suddenly starts giving me raspberries. Which is pretty cute lol.

I'm going in for my second ultrasound this week. This one will be the one where i need to have a full bladder. Which if i remember correctly...was a terrible feeling! But this ultrasound will let us know if she has any problems with her body, down syndrome, etc. I'm sure everything is fine, but there's always that worry that something is wrong!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Gender Reveal

So as you can tell by these photo's....we are having a GIRL!!!!

I've seen this kind of reveal all over pinterest and I really wanted to do this! My cousin Laura just happen to come at the perfect week when I was pregnant because I was far enough along to find out the gender. She's the one who put the balloons in the box and took these lovely photo's! All we had to do was wait for nice weather....which took 7 days.....the anticipation was killing me inside. I tried not to think about that envelope on my dresser with 'girl' or 'boy' in there. It was a lot of will power!

I was honestly SO shocked that it was a girl. I was completely surprised when I saw those pink balloons come out! I totally thought we were having another boy. There were so many emotions coming through my mind. I was excited, nervous, anxious, and worried. I have no idea how to raise a girl! I only know about boys! So this experience will really be different I think. But on a HUGE plus side, the shopping for baby girl's clothes will be SO MUCH MORE FUN! They just have a much bigger selection with more styles!

But now I can have best of both worlds! And if we feel like 2 kids is enough, then I won't feel like we missed out on raising either gender! And I know I said I wasn't going to share the name in my last post, but we've changed our minds. We are so set on this name. I am absolutely in love with this name. I love  it because I know ZERO other girls with this name, which rarely happens nowadays. And it's so unique. You may hate it, you may love it. I had to think about it for a while just because i thought it was so weird. But we've decided on the name Aurora! And I think Rory or Rora would be such a cute nickname for that :) She's going to be our own little princess!

Here are some 'extra' photo's of the reveal.

In the picture above, Maikal was deciding what look would be the most authentic looking haha.
He was pretty sure he knew the gender. When at the ultrasound, he decided to look at the screen and see if he could figure it out on his own. And he was right!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby #2

If you haven't heard yet, we are expecting Baby Lowry #2 in July!!!!
My exact due date is July 8, 2014....but since Ben was 4 weeks early...I assume this baby will more likely be born in June.

And to answer the popular question....YES, we actually planned for this baby haha. A LOT of planning actually went into this baby. We only had 8 weeks to get pregnant. The reason why is because there was a chance that Maikal was going to need to take an extra 7 weeks to complete his degree after april, so that eliminated May and June, so we only had July and August because we are hopefully planning on being at Dental School in the fall. So as you can see, we were a little stressed that we weren't going to be able to get pregnant in that time. But, it turns out we actually got pregnant our first week of trying haha. I guess this baby was just meant to come! ANd what's even more exciting is that I have like 4 really good friends having babies within 2 months of each other!! I didn't miss the loop this time!

So here is the announcement we sent out on facebook :)

Since my parents knew that we were trying, I didn't tell them in any special way, I just said, "oh hey, Im pregnant" lol. Nice eh? But for Maikals parents, we wanted to do something a little more creative. Maikal's mom came out to Hawaii in the beginning of Dec so it was the perfect time to tell her. We came up with this card idea and she was so surprised!! It was so fun to see her expression.

So now onto my pregnancy.
This one is COMPLETELY different!! I'm nauseous, throwing up, Im starving ALL the time, and I am soooo tired. I didn't have any of that with Ben. I didn't even know I was prego until about 5 weeks with him, so this one is seeming so much longer. Plus, I swear my belly has been starting to show since week 8. It might be in my head...but I just feel huge already! I would just like to be over the "oh maybe shes gained a little weight" stage to "oh theres a baby in there!" stage. Hurry up baby belly!! But on the plus side, I haven't gained any weight yet! yay!! But...i feel like that will change very quickly haha.

We are planning to find out the sex again, but I would like to not keep it a secret this time haha. It was too hard with Ben. We already have names picked out, but we won't share those until it comes, cuz who knows, we might just change our mind!

I'm freaking out a little to know that I am going to have TWO kids!!! WHAT! It's still so crazy to me. But one of the big reasons why we chose to have a baby at this time is for Ben. I just look at him and want nothing more than to have him play with a sibling. This baby will bring a lot of blessings to our life. It took me a long time to be ready for a 2nd, but I know in my heart that this is the right time for everyone. I'm glad I didn't just rush into another pregnancy to just have them close in age or to get done having kids sooner....I received some great council from family and friends and I took that extra 6 months and just really focused on what was best for me, Maikal, and Ben. 

Ben LOVES babies, so I know he will just fall in love as soon as he see's him/her. All I worry about how rough he is going to be. He already squeezes the life out of random babies at church! I am going to need to keep an eye on him at all times until he learns to be gentle.

Right now I am 12 1/2 weeks and going strong! 2 more days and Im out of the first trimester! YAY! I will keep everyone updated on our life and hopefully kick my butt into gear and blog more!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lowry Update

This semester has been full of ups and downs. So I thought I would write a post on what's been going on in our lives as of late.

1. Dental School Applications- Maikal finished his applications about 6 weeks ago and now we're in the waiting game for knowing if we got in somewhere. It is so nerve wracking! Acceptances can take until march to find out, so we've got a long way to go. I hate not knowing what's going to happen next year. Are we going to have to stay in Lethbridge for a year and just work? Or are we going to go to Dental School to who's knows where! We would love to go to Utah simply because we have family on both sides there. We also would love California! I've always wanted to go there :) But really, we would be grateful to be accepted anywhere! Prayers please!

2. Halloween- This year we actually got to dress up and go trick or treating! Maikal wasn't able to join us for the actual house to house stuff, but we did go to the party. I've been waiting to do this costume idea since i saw it on pinterest about 1.5 years ago. Maikal and I were robbers, and Ben was a bag of money! It was so fun!

3. Budget- And this is going to sound bad, but, I've never actually had to live on a tight budget before. Not even for the first semester of college. I've honestly always been so blessed with money and jobs that it's never been an issue for us. But this semester has been a challenge. The Canadian Government is being absolutely ridiculous and refusing to send us the amount we need to live on. Last year we got a very handsome amount, but this year we got less than half of what we had. We've literally been SCRAPING by and it really concerns me if we'll even make it to April! But I know that If we keep praying and trust in God that we will make it.

4. Since I know that our time in Beautiful Hawaii is limited, I've been trying to take advantage of the beautiful beaches and the nice weather. I've been given such an amazing opportunity to live here and I just need to soak it all in before it's all gone!

5. Family- In a few weeks a whole bunch of Maikal's family is coming out to Hawaii! I love it when they come and I know we're just gunna have a blast! Our main goal over the Christmas Holiday is to finally swim with dolphins!! It's literally at the top of my list and I hope it happens :)

6. Swimmers- About a month ago I bought Ben some little swimmers and it was the best $16 I've ever spent! He can go anywhere all by himself and it's just so cute to see him so independent in the water!